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Is advocating for property rights, your business, and your future important to you? This committee is responsible for the Vote-Act-Invest Portion of the Core Standards

Our Association must annually conduct at least two initiatives or activities furthering or supporting each of those three goals respectively. 

Examples of initiatives and activities satisfying this requirement are:

  • Promoting "Get Out the Vote" Initiatives by taking part in state and national Calls For Action
  • Participating in REALTOR® Legislative Visits
  • Sharing "On Common Ground" magazine with community leaders
  • Sharing the value of investing in TREPAC
  • Helping put together a Major Investor Event

Associations must also conduct or promote a diversity, equity and inclusion activity and a fair housing activity. Possible options for completing this standard include the following:

  • Measure and assess diversity in the association membership and develop an actionable roadmap for local association DEI
  • Conduct or promote fair housing training.
  • Conduct or promote an At Home with Diversity (AHWD®) course.
  • Conduct or promote implicit bias training (e.g., NAR’s implicit bias video).
  • Form a Diversity Committee or a Fair Housing Committee.

This committee is responsible for ensuring our bylaws and our policy and procedures are up to date and relevant to the current way we do business. This is an ideal committee for someone who is all about crossing the "t"s and dotting the "i"s

This committee helps plan and execute professional development events that are pertinent to the business and success of our members.  These can be small group meetings up to large live instructor events.  

This committee is responsible for creation of a budget based on meeting the core standards and primary missions of the association. It helps with planning long term financial goals to ensure we continue to be financially sound in the future. The committee will also help promote the NAR Center for Realtor Financial Wellness and education events relating to the business operations that help our REALTORS® be fiscally responsible and able to prepare for their financial futures.

This committee will be responsible for the creation and continued advancement of a Local Member Benefit Package. Those serving will work with local businesses to offer discounts and specials to active members of our association who are in good standing

The MLS Committee helps determine what proposed policies/procedures we are going to support or contest. They also can submit suggestions to NTREIS on improvements, new features, etc.  

It will also be responsible for hearing regarding the enforcement of Clear Cooperation and those hearings for members sanctioned 3 times or more in a fiscal year.

Are you a big picture kind of person? We are needing members who can help focus the leadership's attention on the growth and sustainability of our association 5, 10, even another 75 years down the road and on compliance with the National Association's Core Standard Requirements

Every association will demonstrate engagement in at least four meaningful consumer engagement activities annually, including at least two activities demonstrating how the association is the "Voice for Real Estate" in its market, and at least two activities demonstrating the association's involvement and/or investment in the community.

  1. To meet this four activity per year requirement, each association must execute a minimum of two "Being the 'Voice for Real Estate' " activities and two "Community involvement and investment" activities during the year. It will not be enough, for example, for an association to engage in the same activity 4 times each year nor will financial support of a charitable organization alone be considered to have met this Mandatory Core Standard. Additionally, any one activity can only be quantified in one category.
  2. Being the "Voice for Real Estate" -- promoting market statistics and/or real estate trends and issues (e.g., release through press releases, interviews, etc. of MLS statistics, local market statistics, NAR research reports, local/state analysis of NAR statistics, etc.)

Community involvement and investment -- promoting the value proposition of using a REALTOR® and/or engaging in community activities which enhance the image of the REALTOR®, such as organizing human resources (e.g., participating in a Habitat for Humanity build) or conducting fundraising activities to benefit local community or charitable organizations.

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